Yahoo a good deal at $20/share????

I made this thread on the OG and got zero responses.

Yahoo is trading at a near 5-year low and I've read articles saying it's a steal as well as articles saying it's still a bad idea.


It is an under performing stock but it has a high EPS rank. It has a low PE in comparison to historical ranges and it is nearing a 3 year low. They reported bad earning on the 8th so it might be a while before a rebound is possible. I would almost be interested in an investment with Yahoo if it weren't for Google.

They were dumb to not sell to Microsoft.


it might have good fundamentals that redeyebjj pointed out. if the market is going down, so will the stock no matter how good the company is. systemic risk (overall market risk) can and will drag down most stocks with the exception being small caps, companies that are generate revenue that isnt dependant on the overall economy, etc.

before asking if yahoo is a good deal, ask if you like the economy and ask yourself what is your time horizon. as an example is if you hate the economy and see ugly things for the next 12-24 months and you need the cash in the next 6 because you need a house, a stock like yahoo might not be the wisest of buys.

just my two cents. good luck.

well. jerry leaving made it spike a little, but then MS announced that they weren't going to buy either. not good.