Yahoo Homepage has roughly a Dozen Headlines on Trump and just ONE on Biden

I was on the Yahoo homepage and scrolling through their terrible selection of “news” stories.

There are more than a dozen headlines on Trump (plus stories about his family) and ONE Just ONE puff piece about the current President of the United States.

There are also new stories about Melania & Donald Junior, then WAY down there is a headline that mentioned Trump & Biden.

This is not the archives, these are the current articles they feature.

It’s insanity.


I’m honestly surprised Yahoo is still around


Seriously. Lol at acting like yahoo is at all relevant in 2021.

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Yahoo news is the worst. They post super biased Trump articles and disable comments.

I know. But it’s my main email and I am too lazy to change.

They were just normal/ boring until the last election then they went radical Left to try and keep up.

They banned all comments on their articles, now everything is radical Left / Identity Politics.

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Same, it’s my backup email I’ve had for years and I’m constantly getting shit articles.

I know Yahoo is waaay past it’s prime, but it’s just insane for anyone to have a 12/1 ratio of ex-President to Current President stories. It seems like insanity.


Libtards are still obsessed with Trump.

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They’re already freaking out about Trump running again so they’re starting the machine back up early.

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It’s cool. I still have a @ hotmail account. Haha!

I do too actually lol. It’s my Xbox email now.

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Not really. To this day, I see democrats and liberals talk more about Trump than they do Biden. I still hear them bring up Trump is the most silly conversations. I am friends with some of these people and I’m really baffled by this behavior. It is a mental virus if some sort

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The obsession with Trump is awesome. It is absolutely bizarre. Had a fight w someone about politics yesterday. They finished everything with “Trump should go to jail”.

Dumb, dumb man. Embarrassing. Very dumb. Lots of that in the country right now.

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You should probably switch to a new email provider. So many good, secure options.