Yahoo problems

I use Mozilla firefox browser. And McAfee firewall.

Often I will not be able to get on Yahoo, it says it can't find I had never had this problem before, anyone have any suggestions. I usually have to wait a while go to some other sites and then magically I can find it again. And yes I am spelling it right :)

the rev

Hi Rev,

I have used firefox to reach yahoo and have had about the same track record as I do reaching yahoo via IE. Are you still down in Australia? If so, I think that might have something to do with the problem. Could be that there might be problems reaching server here in the U.S. Just speculating without knowing more.


Yeah, but it is the same if we use the Yahoo Australia site. It says or cannot be found. And it just comes and goes, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Could it have something to do with my firewall?

the rev

Is there anything besides "The website cannot be found"? Is there a code like "404 - File not Found" or "401 - Unauthorized"?

If you can see a code it can help in diagnosing the problem... Check out this link for the common codes:

Be watchful for codes like 502 or 503 which would indicate a problem with the yahoo servers (in the USA or Australia).

I would guess that the firewall is not the problem. My firewall blocks almost everything that isn't port 80 and I usually have no problem reaching Usually firewall problems are an all or nothing deal. You would probably never reach yahoo if the firewall was blocking.

Are you connecting with dial-up or broadband?

I just went to yahoo and it said could not be found. please check the name and try again

I do remember seeing a code 502 before however.

the rev

Try disabling your firewall. When Firefox doesn't connect open IE and see if it will, If not then it's probably a connection problem...

OrigJoker has a good idea there... Also, you could open the command prompt and try to ping and see what you get back.

I strongly suspect that the problem is on yahoo's side. The 502 usually indicates that the server is overloaded with traffic. You could also try to make a phone call to somebody at yahoo to see if they are having any problems on their side.