Yakimov or Telles set?

I am looking at the Robson Moura set from WMA (Paul Viele). If you order it before May 1, you get a free DVD set. I am thinking about the Igor Yakimov Armbar set or the Eduardo Telles set. Any recommendations? I have been a blue belt for about 2 years. Any thoughts? I realize the subject matter is vastly different, but any help is appreciated.

You could just rent both sets from bushidodvd.com.

I've seen both, and they're great. But, I'm partial to the Telles set. It's great to know a whole gang of armbars, but reversing and attacking from the turtle are infinitely more useful. Especially, at the blue belt BJJ level.

Definitely, Telles.

Second Telles. Turtle guard changed the way I play my game.

 I've seen both, I'm partial to Igor's set.

Telles' set is the way to go.

telles looks like the shiznit just from peeking at a couple clips i saw ")


I haven't seen Yokimov set but I have Telles set and like it very much. There is a lot of basic and useful information that has helped me out right away. The set worth the money to me.

i am thinking of getting this Telles set for real tho !! i like how after every position he tells u in the end to escape or execute a move .. " soo this is what i'm going to do " LOL :)



Most of my throw attempts fail, and I end up turtled....so the choose is clear for me.



I am right there with ya John. lol It seems pretty clear Telles set is the one for me. Thanks to all for the input.

telles set all the way

Igor's set is good - he has some pretty cool takedowns directly into arm bars. Not flashy, either. He also has a whole tape on finishing the armbar, i.e., ripping the opponent's arm free when he's defending.

I haven't seen Telles.