Yall faggots still standing with Ukraine?

I like to listen to General Douglas Macgregor, Scott Ritter, Scott Horton, and Ryan Dawson to get the truth about Ukraine.


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The guy who was convicted of unlawful contact with a minor, criminal use of a communications facility, corruption of minors, indecent exposure, possessing instruments of crime, and criminal solicitation ?

Amazing how this all happened after he spoke out against the war in Iraq.

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Ukraine is so close to winning this thing.

Another $40 billion should do it.


Are you saying that he didn’t do it ? Despite the video evidence that says otherwise ?

The blame lies with the country that invaded, period. It is beyond fucked up to think that Russia was “defending” itself by starting a war. Thats just stupid.

“But but NATO” - Ukraine was not in the process of joining NATO and did not have an avenue to join with multiple members being against it. This is just Putin’s fake excuse to exert control over a country he views as Russian territory.

And your bit about the biolabs is fake news. Those are Soviet labs left over from when the union collapsed. Lol at Putin gaslighting about labs his own people put there and pretending like Ukraine launching an attack on Russia was anywhere in the realm of possibility.

Even if I grant you the fake scenario that NATO membership was somehow imminent or that Ukraine posed any kind of threat, the blame would still lie with Russia for invading a sovereign country instead of trying diplomacy. The only reason countries want to join NATO in the first place is precisely for this reason: because they dont want to be invaded!


Slava zucchini



Ukraine parasites stealing more money from US tax payers. Praying for Russia to annihilate these scumbags.


Football Robot GIF by Royalriver

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Ukraine may not be perfect… but fuck that diseased old little putin… history will not be kind to him and cant wait until he get’s Caesar’d

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LOL…this picture is from a Russian prison in 2005.


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How does Putin’s Pee Pee taste?


What does Ukraine bring to the table? I mean, how is it useful to the world and US that we are now constantly sending billions over there

Neon gas

money laundering paradise for congress.

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