Y'all iz Krazy!!!


sorry but Shogun aint what he used to be and he knows it too. no faith in Shogun....... Rashad and Jon Jones = the future of LH in the UFC !!!!

Dsizz.......just promise me an apology..... ur nu 2 this and its obvious but its ok. Bonnars loss had -0% 2 do with ring rust....this is how i know ur nu 2 this but its ok, just keep trying...
1.Sugar = the champ
2.Rampage =the gate keeper
3.Bones ="i shook up the world"

Machida= "i tricked yall n2 thinking i really had a shot"

I like Rashad and I usually root for him, but I think he'll lose on saturday.

 Dayuuuum. That shit was off da' hook! My dawg Rashad ate a fist samich. I be wrong....Lyoto straight shitted on me and Rashad.


D Sizzle - LOL...ahmadxman I'm noticing an uncomfortable silence from you...Wow, this is awkward!!!

 what a clown this ahmadxman........hahaha. You boy got ktfo

This fight was so predictable. What a moran.

tru dat.... my apologies.. i was severely wrong. i really didnt see that coming. i come from the early days of nhb/mma and ive got alot of experience and my call was based on this experience. but hey? cant win em all eh? looking at the fact that Rashad rarely gets rocked and Machida has a lack of hammer dropping experience ......... i figured that Rashad would drop the hammer first. i was also disappointed to hear that Rashad had a lack of game plan. but i was right about Hughes though.