Yamasaki Academy Woodbridge

Hey guys, while this is a bit late (we've been open for 4 years) I figured I would make an announcement here about our gym. Yamasaki Academy Woodbridge in Woodbridge, VA has BJJ, Judo and Muay Thai for adults and kids. And we have an MMA program for adults. BJJ is covered by 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt Francisco Neto and me, Joe Cunningham. I hold a 1st degree Black Belt. Judo is covered by Maurice Allan who is an 8th Dan Judoka and former Olympian. Muay Thai is coached by Mark DeLuca, retired professional Muay Thai fighter who held a couple of World Title belts in his career. And MMA is handled by retired MMA and UFC fighter Aaron Riley and retired MMA fighter Francisco Salguero.

We have an open door policy for people from other gyms that want to drop in. We have an Open Mat class every Monday and Wednesday night from 8:00-9:30 that has people dropping in all the time if anyone wants to come by!


I've trained and traveled the world. The instructor lineup is legit both in terms of lifetime experience as well as each individual's ability to intelligently articulate concepts during instruction. Each is a fire hydrant of information that helps motivate hungry students.

They've put together a world-class talent pool of teachers.

Take it from an 00'er.