Yamashta newaza (video)

Anyone wanna see Yamashita rolling at a training camp in Germany, circa 1987? No? You don't?

Ok, (sighs) Nevermind then.

Ah. I can't do that to you guys. It is an interesting clip with Yammy looking remarkably svelte for 1987.
I always playfully call him Yammy, as he is always calling me.......um......nothing....I...guess. scratches temple Anyway!

Note the nice sweep and juji on the giant Chinese judoka, by a much smaller player.
For future reference, You can't spell Yamashita in a thread title. I automatically assumed censorship. Just another way for 'THE MAN' to tryin keep me down.

bows head...raises fist


Can you imagine rolling with Yamashita and trying to turn him while he is turtled?


Thanks for this clip, very nice.

He does look smaller so I am guessing his randori partners must be massive!

Yammy's newaza: great hold downs (with, or without groin-grab)and a powerful and fast okuri eri jime.

How much does that Pan guy (China) weight? 300lbs?

Turtle9uard - thanx.

Ben said: "Can you imagine rolling with Yamashita and trying to turn him while he is turtled?"

He'd be like one of those massive sea-going loggerheads. Or at the very least, a giant fresh-water snapping turtle. Hmmmm?

notes that joke lost some of its comedic coefficient during the transition from inception to implimentation

That was the most turtled post I have ever been involved with.

LOL at Ashy. That's probably a pretty apt analogy.