Yamatodamashii Tshirt Contest!!!

When we started Purebred USA it was to bring over purebred products to the US and more importantly, spread Yamatodamashii and the Yamatodamashii way. This philisophy and way of life is embeded in Enson Inoue.

The Yamatodamashii way is a philisophy that can be used to overcome your fears, push you when you have nothing left and most importantly change your life.

So here's the contest for the next week try and live the yamatodamashii way and/or use yamatodamashii in every day life. To find out what it is read here


Basically conquer your fears, do what's right and push yourself to be the best person possible. Don't feel like running but know your out shape? Get out there and do it!

Personally here are my examples:

I am out of shape and hate to run, this past week I started running at the gym and was able to run a mile in little over 8 minutes (7.2 speed rating). Every day I pushed my self to run further and further. 1.1 miles next day, 1.15 following etc. This morning, 6 days latter, I ran 1.6 miles at that speed.

Getting married in a few months and am busy with work after 5:00 I go to BJJ and come home at 8:00pm. I then eat dinner watch some TV and go to bed. This past week I noticed I don't talk all that much to my fiance so we decided that after dinner we will go on an 1/2 hour to an hour walk and talk about everything. So far so good would I rather watch TV? Sure sometimes but these walks bring us closer together and are awesome, in a year I might remember what we talked about but I won't miss a TV show

In training
My weakness is against over aggressive bigger wrestlers. I always lay on my back and althoguh I give up position my jitz is decent enough to defend from submissions. I am a top player but always play bottom because it is easier. This week I will only play top and work hard for takedowns and maintaining top control.

GUYS IT CAN BE ANYTHING!! IF you always wanted to train BJJ but haven't had the time or don't know about rolling because your out of shape etc. Just go on down and do it! That is Yamatodamashii. If you hate your job and dread going to work every day make it a point to apply to 5 jobs you think you would like. If you are a struggling fighter email 5 companies saying who you are and ask for sponsorships. These are just some examples

You can share your stories publicly on this thread or email them to me. There can be more then one winner.

Winners will receive some gear of there choice from www.purebredusa.com

Good luck. Life is what you make it, if it is shitty then do your best to turn it around and make it worthwhile! If it is good make it better!


One thing I left out Yamatodamashii is different for everyone. If you are scared to death of dogs and you challenge your fear and stand 2 feet from a dog then you showed a lot of Yamatodamashii!!

i'm in.

purebread....what's the email address??



cheers mate



Guys it can be anything that takes Yamatodamashii and that you wouldnt normally do. If you like some one but never had the courage to ask them out you might as well do it now. On the downside if she says no you still might get some gear!




i'm afraid of women in general.

Only woman I am afraid of are my fiance when she's mad.

just out of curiosity, does getting your life together count??

If it wasn't before sure. It is doing anything that you should be doing but aren't. If you take away the option of not doing it then your set. Pre YD thinking i.e. when I am done eating I have two options leave my plate on the table or take it to the sink and wash it. Post YD options when I am done eating I have two options take my dish to the sink and wash it or take my dish to the sink and wash it and take other people's dishes as well. This way when you are done eating your choices will both be positive. You can read about yamatodamashii on the website or in other Enson interviews and you will understand it a little better

I read the stuff on the site, and have read numerous enson interviews...i'm just not the sharpest knife in the ol' draw that's all. lol

And nope...my life wasn't together before lol not by a long shot. But it's getting there now. i'll email ya later on today with my story to see if it's along the right lines.


For sure or you could post here what ever is easier