YAMMA cage...who likes?

It reminds me of Frank Shamrock's old fighting pit he had going with the UFC cage.I kinda like it, and hope to see more.


Damn it, stoopid new mma.tv format...someone post that please?


It did prevent people from held against the cage. And I can definitely see a lot of suplexes happening with that.

 I like it .


Thumbs up on the YAMMA.

 Are you guys serious when you say you like it? Would you like pro football if they had hills in their field too?

Honestly, this whole event was terrible. I may sound like all I want to do is hate on the event but, it's completely warranted.

 It's like the top rope of MMA

Why don't you limit yourself to 250 anti-YAMMA posts per day, Brigham? I think everyone will still get the point that you didn't like it.

Now if they added some motorcycles, some old cars and held it in India, could we call it the "Well of Death"?



Because that is exactly what it is.



 i like it


 add cars and a loop in the middle

yamma yamma yamma yamma yaaaaaaaaammaaaaaa


I like it. Enough to see what happens.

I still think a basic cage is best for MMA.