Yamma Pit Fighting Surface (pics)

I took screen shots from the video....



i'm disappointed. they said it was going to be a bowl , not a flat surface with a lip around the edge. i was anticipating many flying side kicks but i can kiss that idea goodbye now.

 Good find Card. It looks HUGE...


That's hella' gay... Kind of seems like a nascar track with how it edges up and what have you. Dumb idea, IMO.

I really don't see them going very far, especially with the term "Pit fighting" in their name.

The surface looks like it might be interesting but I hate the direction they are taking with the advertising. "It's illegal on the street, but in the pit it's the law." What the fuck is that? Not only is it incredibly cheesy but that is exactly the kind of shit that almost got MMA completely banned in the US.

I see lots of sprained ankles in YAMMA's future.

The YAMMA lip reminds me of the MMA equivalent of going up for a rebound in basketball and then landing on top of someone's shoe. Except at least in basketball you've got a pair of high tops and athletic tape protecting your ankles.

Just imagine a guy shooting in for a single and getting stuffed by the standard 'push down on the head and hop around on one leg' defense. Now imagine the guy hopping around on one leg being driven toward the cage, landing awkwardly on the lip, and going down in a heap with a sprained ankle. Now throw in the fact YAMMA only employs heavyweights, and imagine the carnage when those big old boys land awkwardly on lip with all their weight concentrated on foot.

It should be an amusing night of fights.

Yamma only employ's heavyweights? Are you kidding? The shallowest division in MMA and their entire promotion runs on that? WOW that is beyond retarded.

 Agreed, I will be amused no matter what.

 I believe the guys name is SCOTT Nagle.

He is from Ohio and used to promote MMA shows.  He was one of the first guys I knew here in the Midwest to design & sell cages to other promotions.

Not sure if I like the YAMMA cage...but I am looking forward to see 2 Ohio boys in the Heavy Weight tourney.


wfc1273 - That looks sick..

 If by "sick" you mean terrible, yeah, I agree with you.

wfc1273 - " If by "sick" you mean terrible, yeah, I agree with you"

no I mean sick as in innovative and possibly a new fighting surface for MMA.

 LOL, not a chance.

 If this was 1987 I'd being doing a boneless on that.


I fought in Frank Shamrock's Shootbox a few years back.  It was the same idea but with no cage at all.  The mat was flat with sides that angled up.  Guys were tripping and bridging out of position and subs all night.  Why reinvent the wheel?  stick with what has worked.

BigWilliam - Yamma only employ's heavyweights? Are you kidding?

I'm not sure if that is their long-term strategy, but yes, their first show is nothing but heavyweights.

I believe the guys name is SCOTT Nagle.

I know Scott, and I'm pretty sure that's not him.

Actually his name is Scott NANGLE. He hasn't done any shows in Ohio for going on a year (I think) but he's been selling cages as FreakStrong. I wonder how Scott got hooked up with Meyrowitz?

ringside seats+ground fighting=can't see shit....

We need to start a fund and pay one of the fighters to goofily run around the lip on the ring for the first minute of his fight.


My wife is a casual fan and the first thing she asked is "How are people supposed to see if the fight is on the ground?"

Good point IMO.