Any of you guys know this guy? Looks like he is a late replacement to fight my boy Jim miller this weekend. Phone Post 3.0

he's pretty damn good fren.

Going to be a good fight. I may actually watch this instead of just reading results on the UG Phone Post 3.0

I will tell jim to watch for the false crack Phone Post 3.0

I have spent some time with him recently and am very impressed with his maturity. Though I'm afraid JM's wrestling will be way too much for him. Phone Post 3.0

never underestimate the yancy. he is teh spoiler

Jimmy can scrap and he's got the jits nasty Phone Post 3.0

Gonna be a good fight! Phone Post 3.0

I like Jim Miller, but I'm going with Yancy on this one. Yancy was originally going to fight Ellenburger, but got switched up to fight Miller just recently after Green pulled out of the Miller fight.

Yancy use to fight at 205lb, and beat the beast of a man they call Poa'i back in the first Destiny. He has a great training camp training with Russel Doane, Max Holloway, Dustin Kimura, Louis Smolka and other UFC vets from Oahu. Then he traveled to Stockton to train with the Diaz brothers, so I think he is well prepared. He has a wrestling background and I think people are overlooking that, but we'll find out tomorrow. War Yancy!!!!

Oh yeah, Max is also going to be tearing it up tomorrow!!! War Max!!!!

Tough kid, but when jimmy grabs hold of your neck things get fuzzy real quick Phone Post 3.0

dog gone NJ! true story...my sister lives in Sparta NJ...nice little town on a lake. The brew pub was awesome! I still have the glass they gave me for being a vet...nice people!

too bad i can't watch the gif on this site.

Does the gif ban apply on the HG or just the UG ? Phone Post 3.0

tjmitch - Tough kid, but when jimmy grabs hold of your neck things get fuzzy real quick Phone Post 3.0

Man you weren't kidding. Where does jimmy train at? For Jiujitsu I mean.

AMA Fight Club Phone Post 3.0

Miller was fast and beastly with that guillotine. You could see that Yancy knew it was deep as fuck and that there was no way out...but he kept trying anyway knowing he only had a few seconds of consciousness left. He wasn't gonna tap.

At least he looked cool sleeping. That's not too common and you don't get to choose what you'll look like or what your body will do when you're out!

True story - last time jim choked me I puked in my mouth before I could tap. And he like me. Phone Post 3.0

Cool story, Bro!! Phone Post 3.0

Good fight. As I predicted! Phone Post 3.0