Yankees pitcher thrown out of game!!

For having the pine tar they were talking about just last week.

What a dumbass! He had a ton of it on his neck.

Cheaters come on, I know they all do it but still come on man Phone Post 3.0

See how big it was? What a tool shed.

There's no way they'll see this pile of crap on my neck with HD cameras and thousands of eyes me Phone Post 3.0

lol...fool me once...

what a dumbass

Go Sox!

Mookie 3:16 - what a dumbass

Go Sox!
Blue Jays! Phone Post 3.0

Maybe he's friends with JR Smith Phone Post 3.0

Whats stupid is everyone was already looking hard at him cause the other game he had some shit on him and then the next inning it was gone.  Everyone knew what it was so they were gonna keep an eye on him and he comes out with a glob on his neck.



And didn't he just do it against the RED SOX the first time it came to light??? Phone Post 3.0

Capnsavem - And didn't he just do it against the RED SOX the first time it came to light??? Phone Post 3.0
yes, lol dude is an idiot or thinks he can get away with anything Phone Post 3.0

Almost as bad as Sosa with cork in his bat lol Phone Post 3.0

I guess the Bosox made sure their guy was clean this time around. How did he think he was going to get away with it?

im not into baseball, what was on his neck? Phone Post 3.0

What's the rule regarding the game itself when this happens? Say, hypothetically, a pitcher is working a 5 - 0 shutout when he gets tossed for loading the ball. Does the score stand & the game simply continue?

Yankees suck! Phone Post 3.0

Does he think it blends in to his skin or something? It's obvious as fuck and he's stupid to do it against the same team he did it to and the cameras caught it a week ago

I noticed it and thought it was some recent stupid neck tattoo. Phone Post 3.0

Dang and I decided to take a nap instead of watch this game. Fuck the red Sox Phone Post 3.0

Was hoping for a George Brett type reaction.

I'm okay with it. It's about getting a grip. All ballplayers are okay with it Phone Post 3.0