Yanks continue to make bad moves

im VERY unhappy about this Randy Johnson trade, I do not want him on my team. Why give up so soon on a hard throwing 28 year old, I just dont understand it. I dont think Vazquez is such a head case like Jeff Weaver was and thats what they think, he played great the first half and had a miserable second half but that happens.

Im also not thrilled with the Carl Pavano signing, he has only had 1 good year in the majors hes not a 10+ million a year pitcher. I did like them signing Jaret Wright, that kid had amazing stuff back in 97 on the indians even though he has had arm troubles he's still only 28.

They need young live arms in their, im ok with leaving Moose in the rotation but Id rather start a kid at the #5 spot then have kevin brown in the rotation. Out of all the free agent pitchers the one I would have wanted the most would be Matt Morris not pedro or pavano and definitly not trade for the Big Unit. Oh well, they can keep signing all these "superstars" we arent going to win the world series again any time soon. They are making the same mistake my favorite hockey team the Rangers did, signing old, high priced players past their prime. When they were winning the world series they had players like Chad Curtis, Mariano Duncan, Charlie Hayes, ect they dont need a fucking allstar at every position.

I agree. They are shredding their farm system and shedding players with good attitudes. That's great though since I'm a Sox fan. Have fun with another crazy ego.

Wright is a solid pickup for $7 million a year. Pavano is questionable for that much money, IMO. One good year out of 7 or 8? Yikes.

Their farm system was much more productive in the early 90's when George was suspended. Since he took back over, he's just gutted it in exchange for big salaries.

They needed to dump Vazquez though.

actually they havent played in the alcs or world series every year for the past 8