Yanks in first place

the bronx bombers are back to stay, hope the redsox had their fun for a couple weeks. all this and loften finally came off the dl, jeter is still hitting .180, arod still hasnt done anything same for sheffield, giambi is only hitting .260 and moose is 2-4 and contreras hasnt been able to get out of the 2nd inning, yet they have won 7 games in a row. when they all finally start to click at the same time they could break the winning streak record.

Yup. As a seasoned red sox fan, I was just waiting for them to come apart at the seams. I also knew the Yanks were a hell of a lot better team than what they had been playing like. I don't think it's over though. The Sox have a good chance of winning 95-100 games as do the yanks. It'll be down to the wire again. It'd be a lot more fun if the Sox actually beat a team from New York in the post season...

If the Red Sox are gonna win the World Series, they need to do it this year because Pedro will be with Yanks then.... hahahaha. Maybe they will decide to trade Pedro before the season ends for something, maybe.

This the year Boston better win because Pedro and Nomar will be elsewhere next year.

Look for the Yanks to pick up some much needed LEFTY starting pitching in June with the Acquisition of Randy Johnson.

Pedro could be, but I don't think Nomar will be. Pedro is still a great pitcher but he's just a shadow of his former self. Everytime he goes out, there's a 50/50 chance he will be shelled, he only pitches 6-7 innings, he'll be on the dl before the season is out (as usual). I think the guy is a tough competitor and he's done some amazing things. I just think his reputation is asking for more money than his current talent level.

Then again, lots of people thought Clemens was washed up when he left...