Yao Ming speaking English

All of a sudden dude can speak it. Freaked me out when he had his first interview.

oh wow, he nails that accent!

He is representing H town, for sure. Good job picking up the language.

He could teach alot of these immigrants a thing or two.

Have some respect for the country you immigrate to, and learn the language.

I don't think he knew more than a few words when he came over here. That is freakishly good for a few years. Sounds a little "urban" too.

way more articulate than Shaq. And he could probably spell P-E-R-I-O-D.

Yao is the fucking man.


he knew english even before he came to usa. Just used an interpreter cause he was unsure of himself etc.

That owns and I hate basketball.

I've read he's deaf in one ear.

for later

holy crap.

He seems to be a dude with a helluva work ethic. He put his mind to learning English the same way he did to learning to play as an NBA big man.

The asian dude behind him chewing gum is a ventriloquist.

He kinda sounds like a brother! XD