Yay Canada!

I live in Canada. I love my Country. I like it here. I'm not dissing anyone, just telling the world I love my place of birth. I just wanted to tell everyone that.

Screw the samoans though. They're a surly bunch.

Borders don't make us look different.

We are many we are one.

May we all know that we are one.

Human. :-)


Yeah......YAY CANADA and their next imports for LHW contention.

Holy crap that is hilarious!

Momita has united the correct.

still laughing


Pilot201- LOL!

Dougie don't embarrass Canadians by being so wierd about Canada. Canada is fine...No need to be your own cheerleader. Yeah, yippie, yeehaw, look at me, I don't suck ass, woohoo!! Inferiority complex or what?

Inferiority complex?

No, I just have a small weiner.


Despite the fact that your tittie bars are far, far superior to anything in the U.S., as a country collectively you still talk funny.

Sorry, dont mean to be insensitive, tough love.

Daredevil...where have u been in canada and what dont you like about it.

'Screw the samoans though. They're a surly bunch. '

Bloom county?

I've had several Canadian friends,met quite a few in Belize, great people.

In case you Yankees aren't aware Dougie is still our national spokesman and what he says is on behalf of all true Canadians.. Keep it up Dougie, I'm gonna throw your name into the greatest Canadian poll, with a little help you might be able to overthrow Grapes...

the greatest Canadian poll, that shouldn't be a very crowded clique!

Its between Grapes, Celine Dion, and Tom Green..

And now Dougie!!!

booooooooooo ryan!!!!

low blow on Marty Mcfly!