Yay, got purple

Well i need to brag somewhere! Got my purple a few days ago, took a while longer then i thought it would originally (about 4 years since blue), were a few times where i thought i was there only to get humiliated by new purples and realize i had quite a far way to go lol.

Got it a few days ago from Rick Estrada, he gave be a two hour private in the process and gave me a complete tuneup on my game, i have enough stuff to work on now for the next year basically. Sadly i have not yet received the superpowers i always assumed were associated with the belt, just same old me. Guess i got to keep on trucking to brown now.

P.S. if andre reads this, i'm sorry i flaked on you (the tables have turned!) but the new forum somehow erased all my old private messages so i didn't have your phone, i tried to email you with an old address i had on gMail but i never got a reply so i assume you're using a new one now.

Congratulations, they say purple is the hardest belt to get. Way to be consistent!

Hey! Congrats!! We definitely have to hang out next time!

You would have been my last bluebelt roll andre! haha


Big congrats on making the biggest step!

Congratulations, Dracovich! That's awesome!


Thanks guys, i'm all excited about all the new stuff he was showing me, can't wait to get back into the gym and trying it out.



Just curious, why do people say Purple is the hardest belt to get?


Congrats Draco.

There is no listing for this on BJJ.org/OTM.

So I am only VERY TENTATIVLY going to say: "congratulations!"


Awesome job!

robhustle - Congrats!

Just curious, why do people say Purple is the hardest belt to get?

because the highest drop out rate is between blue and purple..

Marion Cobretti - because the highest drop out rate is between blue and purple..That's interesting. Is this anecdotal, or is there a source for statistics on attrition rates? I wonder what the sample size is. Anyway, if this info is available publicly, I'd be really interested to look at it.

congrats man and keep it up :)!!!


I'd say the highest drop out rate is bewtween white and blue. As you get higher, the chances of dropping out lower.

well can you really say you did the sport if your at a gym for a week and quit? for bjj..

the vast majorities of people who receive their blues hang it up... So that stretch from blue-purple is a long one.. and like gusto said once you invested 5-6 years in something and your more than half way to black most stay the course.. and make it.. Go to any school in the country and notice how few upper belts exist.. compared to lower belts.. it just happens.. its a tough sport.. but huge honor to get to purple and beyond..