Yaz Island is going to get so many tourists now


Such a pointless location.


Expecting some mortal kombat level shit and we get this.   Looks like any other event.


Shame, could have been something special 

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Yes. With no fans and no live gate to satisfy the UFC could have really embraced a location with a fantastic atmosphere and made the most out of the set design, lighting and production values 


Instead we get something small and gloomy,  it really seems like a ' Fight for the Troops" event from years ago. My guess is they rooked Abu-Dhabi into paying for most of it at the expense of the fighters having to fly there and fight at 1st thing in the am.

Does this really work for tourism?

Did South Africa get an explosion of tourists after the world cup?

At least you could pick up a Vuvuzela and bring it back for little league games.

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UFC is saving a ton of money using that location.

Heard you can stay at the Usman Inn and Resort. Best sleep around in Abu Dhabi