Yeaaaa Sandford

Id like to give a shout out to Sandford, congrats hommie, ill see you on the FAT MATS. First off, i would like to praise God, because without Him, none of this would be possible. I'd also like to thank all the trainers, my coach, the camera guy, all the fans out there, thank you for all of your support .........whats up?

Sandford is a baaad dude!

Congratulations to you soon.

Good job Kyle, way to go!!!!!

sub or ko? I saw his last fight and he's a great fighter.

Sandford by armbar

Does anyone have any pics of Kyle fight? Those would be cool to see. Awesome fight Kyle we were going crazy all night wondering how you did, congrats man seeya thursday. HEAD AND ARM BOOYAH!

Nobody seemed to know Kyle in Victoriaville...I've been laughed at when I said he would tap the local boy in 1...who's laughing now heh?

Congratulations on your impressive win Kyle.


could anyone tell what lachance said in his pre fight interview? kyle won with a straight armbar he took from knee on stomach then finished from guard at 1:12 r1.

Lachance said: "I'm going to beat him in the first...knock out...OR submission"

Submission yeah right...

lachance was a nice guy. his ground skills could not nearly match kyle's on this day.

great fight by Kyle, cingrats!


Thanks guys.

Getting booed by 3000 people is funny shit.

Wade, Say thanks to Sean and all the guys at GAMMA for the hospitality. Nice rolling.

I have pics of the fight but I am still working on them.

When they are ready I will post them.

Good work Kyle

Nice speech Kyle, and thanks for visiting my thread.