Year End Celebrations in Rio: More than Good Times

During the final months of 2013, Connection Rio has had some great times and put on some very memorable churrascos (BBQs). The meaning behind these events is bringing the jiu-jitsu community of Rio de Janeiro together. There are so many great athletes, professors and masters of jiu-jitsu who have come from and are still in Rio who deserve their aknowledgement and rightful respect. I believe that today many people training jiu-jitsu often overlook the fact that Rio is the cradle of BJJ and continues to turn out countless athletes who dominate podiums Worldwide. Here is a small piece of a post I made on the subject,

Over the lifetime of Connection Rio we have not only strived to bring together an eclectic mix of nationalities and representatives of academies from around the world, but also to help expose and preserve the cradle of our beloved Arte Suave.

During the last two months CR has organized two churrascos that have brought together many of the great professors and athletes in Rio de Janeiro for our year end celebrations. Rather than being one academy or another we brought respected representatives of jiu-jitsu from many different academies to the same event as allies. - FULL POST

I am interested to hear how UG forum members feel about training in Brazil and the athletes and Professors who are here now. Is Rio still the cradle of jiu-jitsu in your mind?