Yearly UFC PPV Packages

Seriously why not?

It would have to be income positive for the UFC.

Prepay for a whole year of UFC PPV's and get a discount.

I think Dana said there will be 13 PPV's next year?

Maybe I'm totally wrong.

But they could do something like All UFC's in 2012 for something like 400 bucks.

Hell they could throw in HD for like 450 and it would have to make them money.

People that might not order every PPV are more than likely to bundle and save they money and get them all.

Someone get the message to Dana.

All I want if they actually do it is a blue name on the UG.

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I'd buy it but I watch a few events a year away from home so I'd be losing cash in the long run Phone Post

Well they would still have your 9ppv's at 50 bucks each so your still paying 450 at 9 ppv's at full price.

i got that stupid 3 card package from dtv. I got a year of ufc fan club...worthless. 3 ufc dvds (randy-chuck trilogy)

And 3 of the shittiest cards in recent years. I think they did the package thing because they knew their next 3 cards were shit and weren't going to get many buys otherwise.

Reco Groman - Why wouldn't the blue name go to one of the first 12 people that have started the same thread over the past few months?

It's a great idea, but it's not yours.

Fuck the blue name.

I could show you threads where I made the suggestion 5 years ago, but it wasn't on this website.

Sorry didn't know I Black People/Warchiefed it.

I didn't know that anyone has done any packages in the past.