Yellowbelt Counters Black belt

Never underestimate an opponent even if you're BB.

he deserved it.

I'd hate to be that yellow belt when Huxen catches up to him. Hansoku make imo.


punk dobbs,

you win.

i get it, i am a raving poophead who is the boogyman's boogyman.

i am the forest gump of all karmic vengence.

i am the dog doo the the shoe of evil doers everywhere!

i will turn over a new leaf as of today, if we can never mention this again.


PD... waza-ari!

but only because i want to see it happen again. it is a trick i learned from an A-ref named Bregman. =)

I don't think you need to turn over any leaf JM. I'm with you on the karma thing. Besides, I seem to live for the small windows of opportunity to hold something over someone. See the Dynamo knitting thread for an example. I waited very patiently for that one.


Maybe Rich Finley took the same ref clinic you did and that's why he really called wazari on my te guruma.

I didnt take that clinic, i was the subject and recipient of it. Well, of that one and the "give him a shido even when he hasn't earned it just to get the goldfish in a piranha tank thing going."

OMG ! his neck get almost brocken !
what a counter !


I'm a yellow belt (w00t) and have ipponed a decent number of recreational blackbelts in tachiwaza and a couple of rather good judoka (one olympian, one former junior world champion placer) in newaza. I've obviously been similarly owned right back, but the point is that you don't know what's hiding behind that belt - an Australian olympic judo competitor entered the pan-pacific BJJ championships as a blue belt in Melbourne earlier this year and annihilated EVERYONE in the gi and no-gi divisions. The problem was that people didn't realize that behind his BJJ blue belt was 20 years of judo."

I was there and I saw him compete. He did compete at both blue belt gi and intermediate? nogi. Lol. The regulation judogi and the big AUS team patch on the back of his gi should have been a dead giveaway. I never saw him once on his back the entire time, and probably didn't belong in the blue belts. Good on him for competing in BJJ. Looked like he adjusted to rules really well. Looking forward to seeing him compete in the higher belt categories.

Ouch. Nice counter.

some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you

behind that yellow belt could be 15-20 years of wrestling. Take on every guy as if he's an olympic champion.

get er done

can someone embed?

i try to nightly, hardly works.

belt looked purple to me. am I out of it?