YELLOWSTONE Pilot: Shootout at the O.K. Rez Legalities?

So I just finished rewatching the Yellowstone pilot from CBS last night and am unsure about the legalities.

The cows wandered onto the reservation land, and since the white man can’t be on it, became the indians cows.

I get that the white man did not like that, but seems illegal to go in there, shoot it out with tribal police, kill indian troops who seemed to have the legal highground…

May have landed ol Dutton and the gang in the federal pen?

Thats the only episode you’ve seen?

OP What do you think about the ending of citizen cane?

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No, I’ve seen the whole series, but watching it again i think

John Dutton s in the wrong here?

He just took an unsanctioned gang into indian country having no legal jurisdiction.

And I know they made that Indian vet an asshole, but he seemed well within his rights to shoot at the helicopter, and duttons son.

I havn’t seen em since all the original episodes aired.

Well you should know the show is dumb as fuck and you have to suspend belief to enjoy it.

Do you think I spoiled something?

This is the pilot episode from 2018

Paramount Network Horse GIF by Yellowstone

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First season was pretty enjoyable.

cued to shootout on the rez.

I’ve never seen CK, but i know the ending.

I stopped watching Yellowstone the second I learned that this annoying fuckface was the writer of the show.

No, this is just old as fuck.

The entire show is weird and outside of standard legality.

They keep people prisoner; if you work there and get a brand, your reward is body-breaking work, living in a bunkhouse, not making any money; every so often, RIP beats the fucking shit out of you, and then if you want to leave they kill you and drop you off a cliff.

Supposedly the cliff is outside everyone’s jurisdiction, so you can murder people there and nobody can arrest you or some other bullshit.

Also people get shot like 45 times but just have to go to the hospital for a few weeks.

Its like watching sopranos where they murder people all over New Jersey but nobody has a security camera or anything.

Entertaining? Sure, but its a TV program.


Taylor Sheridan was in Jerry’s owners box on Sunday to watch the Cowboys kick the hell outta the Jets, lol.

Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys visits with Taylor Sheridan... News  Photo - Getty Images

Couple of faggots

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Same Energy

That’s just John Dutton, I think. He took like 5 rounds from an AK all over his torso and was banging the eco terrorist skank the day he came home from the hospital.

Nah, the train station is just way the fuck out in the middle of nowhere and nobody ever goes there. Since the Dutton’s have been stacking bodies in that gorge for 40 years and nobody has said anything yet then I’d say it’s a good place to dump bodies.

Beth is the most unbelievable Dutton, imo. She’s 100% predictable yet still manages to come out on top every time.

Jimmy is the best part of the show and he has the ONLY happy storyline. He’s a dirtbag who turned his life around and is now beating pussy off him with a stick!

I like when they send Jimmy to the 6666 to become a man and within days hes getting recognized by owners of other ranches and banging hot veterinarians

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I just remembered, if OP thinks the rez shootout was bad then wait until he rewatches the shootout at the diner! How the fuck does Rip, a guy who does not exist and is still on the run from killing his dad as a kid, get in a shootout where the Sheriff is killed and not a single cop checks his ID or even talks to him about it? Same thing after the scene at Beth’s office, or when her office blows up. Rip is always around the most high profile crimes but no local, state or federal cops even try to talk to him. The state doesn’t do a background check on the guy even though he’s the governor’s right hand man!

Except for when he shoots a bear, then he has to clear his name with federal wildlife officers and they apparently never asked to see his ID either. lol

Oh fuck, don’t get me started on the bomb in that plane’s gas tank!

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I thought Rip slipped out the back?

Or when the killers w/ assault rifles came for Casey in his livestock office when they were trying to kill off all the Dutton’s.

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