Yellowstone - Season 4

Anyone watching?

I’m enjoying it. Fucking Lloyd, lmao.

im enjoying it

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It’s good. Beth is annoying. She’s like a super cunt who takes beatings and survives explosions and has told her brother at least a million times that her horse is going to fuck his eye holes. It’s had a lot of corny moments but I’ll still watch. Definitely not better than the sopranos like people have said

I like Beth.

What I found annoying last season was the focus on the Bronc Rider girls. Glad that has been less of a focus this season thus far.

And that little tweaker jimmy always has some hottie falling in love with him. By the way, he does have a prosthetic leg from the knee down, right? He walks perfectly normal

I also like it when Travis Wheatley makes fun of Jimmy.

‘Where’s the back?’

‘It’s the exact opposite of the front, you retard.’ (or something like that)