so we finished the warmup and we're ready to start throwing roundhouse kicks. I throw the first two nice and slow and measured.. just getting into the groove for good form.

I decide to let the 3rd one rip. I step in like a madman and think about how far I could knock the padholder across the room.

Except that I hit him about 2" lower than the short thai pads and I smashed the top of my foot into the point of his far elbow.

We both scream "FUCK!!!!!" and we hop around like wounded ballerinas until I can shake it off and switch feet.

The top of my foot is now a lovely purple-blue and it looks like someone implanted a tennis ball under the skin. My ankle disappeared a few hours ago. I imagine I'll see it later this week.

I just thought I'd share my expereince with those who have probably done the exact same thing and can sympathize & laugh!


one of the more common injuries, usually the foot loses

You ain't kiddin-

2 weeks ago I was sparring w/Jorge Rivera for a fight he was prepairing for. He's a left guard and I'm a right guard. I threw a cross, then threw my rear right leg to his front left leg. If anyone know's Jorge, he's a tall boney guy. I kicked a little shallow and hit him with my instep instead of my shin. My instep hit his boney knee. Ouch! I made that mistake only once in our sparring but when we were threw, my foot started hurting like I had broken it. I have broken that foot before and I was crazy scared it was broken again.

I had my foot X-rayed and no break found, thank goodness. Although, I believe I tore a ligament in my foot. I can move around somewhat but there's a lot of pain involved. Booo! I hate being out of commission!



hell yeah there's a mark!

;-) j/k

that sucks

Yup. Hey Paul.

Brighton-aka found me out.

Had a guy who was 240 lb of high density farm boy skeleton (I'm 185)
catch the top of his foot on my elbow like that holding pads. Normally,
the foot loses big time. My arm felt like it was plugged into 240
volts....hand went numb follwed by fire pain....he asked me if I was OK
and said he felt like he might have missed the pad.

He later told me he drank a gallon of milk a day as a kid growing up on
a dairy farm! Milk does a body good.

extra long thai pads - perfect for those mishaps.