Here's my plan all laid out for you guys.  Why am I disclosing this info you may ask?  Cuz I see no harm in it.  If someone want's to copy what I'm doing or think's they've got a better way, go right ahead!  I'd encourage you. This is not a freaking competition!  Whoever opens the door for MMA is irrelevant since we'll all be able to walk through it.

I'd like to hear from all you guys who said "don't fuck it up".  Should I send the following letter to the minister of Business & Consumer Services?  YES or NO

Here's what my letter will include:

a) a respectfully written letter describing the current obstacles to getting MMA legalized on Ontario.

b)  a description of why I feel MMA should be legalized.  This portion of my letter will be referenced to the supporting appendices below.

c) a short discussion of how MMA's safety records compare to other professional sport (ie. mainly boxing and hockey)


A - the saftey records from every Athletic Commission I can get my hands on (Nevada being a must)

B - financial data of tourist spending (ie. airlines, surrounding hotels, restaurants etc...)

C - a petition signed by hundred of Ontario residents explaining how they would support the sport if it were legalized and why they feel it deserves to be legalized

D - a letter from the UFC, PRIDE, and K-1 which expresses their interest in potentially holding a future event in the province of Ontario if there were no legal concerns. 

Should I go forward with this?  YES or NO?

Fucking STOP the drama. Jesus Christ. You are going to do it regardless of what ANYONE says here, you just want some drama like the little drama queen you are.

Well, don't fack it up I guess.. politicians can be petty. I know, I ran for mayor.


How are you enjoying the position Chad?

Jon reeks of correctness

I came in at a dismal 11th out of 14... to my defence, I did not actively campaign.


Anyone who thinks Chad is joking is mistaken.

antico you got some serious issues...

Who on Gods green earth has the time to write all this shit?

Click Here for Proof of the 2001 Mayoral Run!


Jon Kellet is so correct it hurts.

I'm going to start moving this shit to the What if forum....

Thanks man, you'd be doing all of us a service.

lol @ JHR.

Chad you would of had my vote! damn I thoguht you were kidding...

"D - a letter from the UFC, PRIDE, and K-1 which expresses their interest in potentially holding a future event in the province of Ontario if there were no legal concerns."

K, I was bored so I actually read his post and read this and this made me laugh. Yeah, I'm sure Pride is just waiting for MMA to become legal in Ontario so they can hold the first MMA show in Ontario. Rightttt

FYI - K-1 was looking into doing a show at the Sky Dome until local authorities informed them that they'd be in violation of Canada's criminal code. They quickly pulled the plug.

If they were interested then, why wouldn't they be interested now?

If they're interested, why wouldn't PRIDE at least consider it?

...still waiting for someone to explain how to explain how what I'm doing is a bad thing....

...I'm up to 120 people that think otherwise.......

Okay. Let's just think about this for a second. Why in the world would K-1 put on a show in the Skydome? Honestly. Even if they promoted the hell out of it, maybe, MAYBE they could get 15,000. I suppose if they got really, really lucky maybe 20,000. So then they got 50,000 empty seats showing. Why in the world would they do that? Air Canada Center maybe, but Skydome. Yeah right.

and if Pride hasn't even come to the United States, why would they come to Canada? Their have been three Canadians in the history of Pride, and I believe there has never been a Canadian born fighter in Pride.

You can't always dream big Marco. YOu have to be realistic.

and realistically, a K-1 or Pride show in Canada probably wouldn't even draw 10,000.

Marco, for one second forget all this other shit... THIS thread serves no point. You have shown in the past that, regardless of what people say, you'll go and do your own shit anyway. This thread was created for the sole purpose of causing drama. You, the little drama queen, were sitting behind the keyboard, all red-faced after exploding in the most retarded of ways on Joe, and you just had to keep it going in this thread. Fucking STOP. You honestly conduct yourself like a kid, that is why so many people are worried that you'ce taken it upon yourself to represent us all in this cause (when NO ONE nominated you to do anything of the sort). You are a GROWN MAN who is (supposedly) educated. PLEASE start acting like it.

It's clear that you're gonna do whatever the fuck you want to do in an attempt to hog any attention/glory that you can. It is very clear that you have severe attention needs. You crave drama from this place wayyy too much. STOP.

Why not make a thread asking who the forum would like to represent us...

Either Joe

Or Marco.

Then we'll tally up the results and go from there.