Yet ANOTHER right wing terrorist attack mass shooting

Nazism is not right-wing at all. Quite the opposite in fact.

The guy is insane. Clearly. Which team owns him is of no consequence. He represents nobody but himself. I just like pissing these dumbshits off.

They have to frame it that way, even if it means lying.

Multiple shooting incident near my house several month ago at an indoor shooting range in Metairie, La when I was playing fetch with my dog in empty lot just behind it, got national coverage until it was released who did . A couple days ago there was a mass shooting at a HS graduation that took place at Southeastern Louisiana University, you won’t hear much about this one either.

I’ve lost track of how many mass shootings there have been since I started this thread mere days ago

Just hours ago, another right wing mass shooting terrorist attack:

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Link mentions nothing about being a Right-wing shooting.

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trump fake news GIF

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Do you have information not contained in the link in OP? Why do you say it was a “right-wing” shooting?

Also, because I am in the kind of mood to engage you, what is your definition of “mass shooting”? I went to chicago last year and could hear gunfire from my hotel. Probably right wingers, no? Does it count as a mass shooting when the person pulling the trigger has a lot of melanin?

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