Yet ANOTHER right wing terrorist attack mass shooting

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Just like the abortion ban. They campaign on it but they barely acknowledge it when it happens. Just say how happy you are that the race war has finally started, Tucker

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Lol. Abortion ban? Name one state you cant get an abortion in even after the Supreme court overturns Roe. Its a nothingburger.

CNN and the left spouts racist tirades all day long and everything the left does is founded on racial motives. We know who really wants the race war.



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Stampy kept it real.

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And people wonder why a large number of this country wants gun control reform. Not everybody who wants that wants to take people’s guns away, despite the rhetoric of just that. I guess it’s too much to ask though for people who threatened to shoot up their school to not be able to walk into a store and legally buy a gun.


Fix the existing background check system then instead of adding more that will just result in more people like this slipping through the cracks. Just like this guy, Texas church shooter, Parkland shooter, and Dillan roof off the top of my head who all should have been flagged by NICS.

Mass shooting by a white man is like liberal Christmas, lmao. All their validation in one big box, gift wrapped, and left under the tree.

Understandable in todays political climate, but sick non the less.

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Le Shat

None of the BLM linked black supremacist killings did anything to lower support for the organization on the left. This won’t change any minds on the right

The way the left works is it won’t stop with that. Soon it will be anyone that seeks treatment for mild depression or who is going through a divorce will lose their right to self defense. We know your game. Not one inch

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Not sure why you’re telling me this as if it has anything to do with anything I said.

Yep. You’re getting replaced by Jewish and Black people too.

Lol no chance. 2 of the smallest minority groups in the US. We’re getting replaced by Latinos. I grew up in Latin America. You think I won’t be able to handle that? Bitch please

How is your manifesto coming along

It does. This won’t have any effect on ppl that believe whites are being victimized in the US because they are.

Did the Dallas BLM shootings or the Waukesha parade massacre have any effect on blm?