Yet another translation request...

bablefish translates it to: The passion which was applied on the judo house Okano Isao judo

im guessing its something along the lines of "The Passion in the dojo: Isao Okano".

could i get a more accurate and English friendly translation?


Judoist Okano Isao: The Passion of Judo

Looks like a title of an article where Judoka (a practitioner of Judo) Okano
Isao discusses his all-encompassing passion for the art.

Your guess is very good--the kanji that bablefish translated as "house" is,
in this case, the "ka" part of Judoka or, in English, the "ist" part of Judoist,
which probably threw you off and led you to guess dojo.


thanks stampy. its actually the title of the 3rd tape in his Vital Judo series.

i got a slightly different translation from a Japanese dude.

he gave me "Isao Okano, a passion for Judo in youth".

we had the same conversation about "Ka". which made me wonder why he had no "Judoka" in his translation. at the sametime your translation has no mention of "youth".

is your translation the way youd say it in English if you were reading it to someone?

In japanese it says:

Judoka Okano Isao judo ni kaketa jounetsu

It doesn't especifically mention "youth", but the meaning is probably there, as in he's been passionate about judo since he was young...

Judoka: Judo player
Okano Isao: Proper Name
Judo: Judo
ni: to or towards (or over)
kaketa: pour over
jounetsu: passion

Literally, Judoist Okano Isao: Passion Poured Towards Judo, but you can see how awkward that becomes.

I'd say "Okano Isao: (A) Passion for Judo", but a couple of liberties taken with the "poured over" part wouldn't seem out of place or incorrect.


thanks HungryTiger i was wondering what the actual words were in Japanese.

stampy much appreciated.