Yet ANOTHER Trump associate arrested

And as other prosecutors have dug into Barrack’s handling of the inauguration fund, Trump has privately soured on his mentor.

In July, the New York Times reported that the public integrity unit of the U.S. Attorney’s office in Brooklyn was investigating whether Barrack violated laws requiring lobbyists to register when they work for foreign interests, though he has not been accused of any wrongdoing. In particular, the Times reported, prosecutors were probing whether the inauguration let foreigners from the Middle East use straw donors to donate to the inauguration.

Trump was surprised to learn elsewhere, according to a senior administration official, that the inaugural committee paid $26 million to the firm of Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a New York social planner who was previously close to First Lady Melania Trump and was a senior adviser to her in the White House until early last year. (Only $500,000 of that money went to Wolkoff herself, according to documents Vanity Fair reviewed earlier this year.)

The Dems have proven time and time again to use all government agencies as political weapons, so even if these charges were to be legit, there is no reason to trust or believe it.

It doesn’t implicate trump. The dude was taking money from the UAE officials and trying to get trump to go along with some of the plans they had.

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In a communications backdoor reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s infamous private server, President Biden used a personal email account during the Obama years to send information he was getting from the State Department as vice president to his globetrotting, foreign-deal-making son Hunter Biden.

Lol @ posting Hunter Biden stuff in this thread.

Can always count on you to muddy the waters and spam irrelevant content.

Let me know when Hunter is indicted or arrested. And you can create a thread for it, ok?

I’m not aware of anything illegal on his laptop. Was it those naked pics of himself? Was it those pics of prostitutes? Except the black ones. I know Hunter doesn’t like black females.

Someone asked

And you are definitely uninformed so the extra information can be beneficial to you

Let’s compare those in Biden’s circle, including family, that have been investigated, indicted, charged with Trump’s?

And if you took a second to read through the charging document you’d see that Bratton’s company received millions from the UAE in return for influence on foreign energy policy - and apparently it paid off.

He had input on policy speeches, including having UAE officials review those speeches for approval before Trump gave them.

It put it bluntly: This is the definition of corruption. And just the latest from Trump’s administration. The only difference is that now that he’s out of power, Orange Turd can’t pardon Bratton for selling out the U.S. for personal profit.

What an amazing administration huh? “Best president ever!” Trumptards yell. Best for foreign powers seeking influence for cash, yes, no argument.

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This is the definition of a brainwashed moron.

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You don’t see the truth because you’re a moron. Just because some has connections that keep them from getting locked up, doesn’t make them innocent. Just like if a corrupt government is harassing associates of Trump, it doesn’t make them guilty. I know this is too much tho king for your simple ass. Don’t worry, no one takes you seriously here anyway. You’ve shown your racist, pos colors. We’re the only people to interact with you in your life and we all hate you. That is so sad. Stay stupid and lonely Pedo.


Sensitive trumpers in this thread getting mad triggered. You guys are even more pathetic than the crybaby dems were. Keep on reeeeeeeing LOL

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The problem is there isn’t nearly the same vitriol against Biden like they had with Trump. If Trump so much as farted, it would make nationwide news, demands for impeachment would be never-ending, and his family would get harassed. But when Biden does it, there is silence.

Sure thing… only Trump hasn’t gone down yet.

Don’t pretend this shit doesn’t happen on the left.
How are your buddies Comey and that beast of a lawyer Avenatti doing?

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This is why Trump lost in a landslide. Because of whataboutism.

You faggots always have a poll… I’m going to need to see a poll to prove this!

Wow Trump really messed you guys up bad

I’m starting to believe Trump lost due to cheating. 81 mill with less than 500 counties? LMAO

The simple fact that you never have any concern for the illegal operations of the left shows how much of a piece of shit you are.

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Might as well throw him in solitary while they are at it. He can’t flip on trump if there’s nothing there lol