Yippee - We’re Cali, Jr. now

Nevada’s knucklehead in training governor is following his buddy next door. Masks are mandatory for everyone. He says we’re helping our vulnerable citizens. He doesn’t mention all the protestors and rioters adding to our tally.

It seems to me maybe anyone nervous about getting the ‘Rona stay home. But now, Newsome-junior wants 5 million people to protect the few thousand vulnerable instead. 


Your weather is still not as favorable.

My state, NC, just said they are mandatory state wide starting Friday. 4 different sheriffs so far said they will not be enforcing it thought. They said it's up to the store to do that. 

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Supposed to a misdemeanor to not wear one in WA starting Friday...

Luckily, they are simultaneously defunding the police so no cops will actually be available to enforce this petty bullshit.

I personally think they can be helpful in limiting the spread of covid. I hate wearing a mask at work, but I believe they can help.