Yo @dagrinder heard you tryin to doxx me dude!

He says he has permission to give his 8 year old son THC containing cannabis oil which I find odd as there are non intoxicating cbd formulas which work great for kids. His kids issue is anxiety. Thc makes anixety worse, cbd prevents it. Therefore no reason to give THC.

My concern is that he is giving his son THC to get him stoned so hes easy to deal with because i think the kids issue is clearly just behavioral. THis is the problem with legalizing cannabis. u have idiots like this guy thinking its ok to give to children.

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Even if dude was giving his kid bong hits to calm him down, to think big pharmas calm down pill is any better for a kid is pretty crazy. I bet in a lot of cases it’s worse.


Ok cool, I just heard it. Stopped reading after a while, just see screen shots and such. Sorry to waste your time.

Ive already done the doxxing. Turns out, OP is a fag.


The sandbox where it began. It’s a good read.

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OP and grinder are the same person running an elaborate troll angle IMO.


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Idk… I have no dog in this fight. I saw the thread & agree it’s questionable. I told my son I didn’t want or condone him smoking pot till after he was 18 / out of high school.

I’m a pro marijuana person and smoke way to much of the stuff. I was smoking an 1/8th a day on average (bong hits & joints)
I know my brothers kid has “severe” autism and I’ve seen her act up & out. It’s a mile in their shoes kind of thing. My brother asked me for edibles before because his daughter was / is a super PIA to deal with. He is a great dad but the situation and her behavior pushes him to the limits

My grandma before she died said “that little monster has ruined your brothers name life”

That might be a little dramatic but partly true. Again my brother is a good guy & great dad. His child’s life will never be normal and if he wanted to give her pot , edibles whatever.

Way better than Xanax in the short & long term

It’s not anyones business to have mods or Leo’s or stupid shit interfere with the OP life wtf


We did try straight CBD before deciding to move into the THC only regimen but he was still having panic attacks.

All his teachers, the nurse, resource officer (local police) and Principal know what we are doing, this is no secret behind closed doors, dont have to hide him until it wears off, quite the opposite. We speak with as many professionals on this situation as possible and that is spread across a far spectrum. I actually waited to make the thread until all his paperwork had been filed and approved by the State, we are not fucking around, I take his life more serious than mine, we have one fucking shot and I will die making that fucking goal.

This is from the other thread, the mother fucker keeps screaming at CBD


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