Yo, I ain't prejudice

So, I am going to my alcohol treatment class tonight driving the usual route, get stopped at a red light. I am in the far right hand lane of a four lane road across from a 7-11. I hear a car horn honk, I look and see there is a mid fifties black guy honking his parked car horn. He sees me see him, next thing I know he is jumping out of his car yelling please please please. There are cars all around me but he was staring right at me. For a second I was torn like maybe this guy really needs help but damn I got to get to treatment. Then he yells out yo, I ain't prejudice.  The light turns green and I go to treatment. I did feel kind of bad till he yelled out the line then I was just like wtf.  Who just yells that out?


Long story short black guy needs help yells he ain't prejudice I drive away. 

I ain't prejudice. I rob everyone. Anyone. Phone Post 3.0

He meant he likes to ass fuck white guys. Your asshole is racist for not letting him bang

Bro Phone Post 3.0