Yo Kirik, come on!

Yo, see the fucking bullshit I gotta go threw on a daily basis! I mean come on, tell these guys to follow your rules or leave the scene. Once again I am tired of the bulshit. Does MMA.TV follow its own rules or what about pro fightets.? Look at how i am attacked on a thread not to attack me. personaly I am tired of it. whay are u going to do about it? Frankly I see why no real pro fighters stay here. these people are killing your forum!


Apologies for the lack of clarity in my previous message. If anyone posts offensively, please email Kirik@mma.tv with the title of the thread.

will do so, but these goofs dont give a shit about your rules, I mean thatis obvious

We do however care that you sir are a joke... A troller on all occasions who decides to trash fighters that show for fights... Kirik... I am an announcer for this sport and have respect for all fighters fully.. however I do not carry such for mr. krull here... he has backed out of one too many shows and should not have a green name because he DOES NOT EVER fight... if he wants to continue talking trash about us ( The peole who call bullshit ) than fine... but he needs to go to a black name or pay for a blue... because his green name is garbage.

lol... if you piss money...then fight for free you rich son of a bitch... Im half cocked to make you my first Pro fight... i wouldnt even try to sub you either... I'd knock your head clean off your neck... then continue to shove the hunded dollar bills you piss out right down ur cocky ass no showing neck... ur a disgrace... STFU

I've never heard of Ron Krull until all of these posts, but please, Ron, quit crybabying and deal with the fans like a professional.

Krull... Pick a show bro...

Kirik, please ban this fucking asshole. He openly tries to prevoke a pro fighter,

FIght me then... XKK feb 5 in MN ????

please ban dmifightguy, christ follow the rules!

Krull... this is a challenge... take me up or shut up... Im not kidding... Ill call nick and jeff right now to set it up

Im prepared to make Krull my first pro fight... Ill get my green name off him getting knocked the fuck out... seems like an even trade

I guess when u earn the status as a professional fighter then u can shit on him, however none of u are that so follow the rules. I ed\xpect to see dmi banewd

Krull... will you or will you not sign to fight me.... stop ducking the question and answer it.

Fuck no, I only fight people with a name, again stop your umb shit. u wanna be killed ot what?

Yes I do... so kill me... which show would you like... I can call VJ, Monte, Nick and Jeff, Mike Rielly, Or even Chad Mason if I had to... you pick the promotion.. and Ill fight for free just to make you shut up

Ryan... Im seriosuly offering to fight him for nothing... Any show in the widwest he wants... ICC, EC, VFC, XKK, Masons shows... I dont give a fuck... Bring it on Superior Green Name... I wanna see what you got

KIRIK, Enough Is enough

ENough of what Krull... You know nothing about me and I am offering you a fight... Im offering it on any show you choose without taking pay... What am I doing that is wrong mr. krull... why dont you be a man... step up and take an "Easy" pay day ?

shut up u fool, u aint even a pro fighter neither of you, please follow the rules and ban these fuckd