Yo, Logan Clark

I talked to your brother during the last Sengoku you were on. Tell him to be online again and talk with the Total MMA crew.

Also, score me a Sengoku shirt ;-)

I don't even have a Sengoku shirt yet. They're quite stingy on that. Good thing they pay well. I'll tell Doron to be online.

Sending you good vibes loganator

 go logan!

Good luck Logan. I put you in my parlay on mmaplayground.com.

Please don't let my fantasy E-$ down!

I'll have a congratulations card for you Monday. Get your hot chocolate early so you aren't late for the bus this time! Hope you are well taken care of by your cornermen.

You just reminded me to go get the hot chocolate now. Also, your name has been changed. You are now a Thompson-Clark.

Logan now that you are here ......... Can you tell me what was the name of that song you came out to at Sengoku?

The Safety Dance