Yo Momma So Fat...

When Dracula sucked her blood he got Diabetes.

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Yo momma so ugly even hello kitty said goodbye.

When she hauls ass she has to take two trips

Yo momma so fat she's Miley cyrus wrecking ball 

She is so fat, she is at increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Yo momma so stupid when she heard it was chilly outside she brought a bowl and a spoon.

Yo momma's so fat she types in all caps

She's afraid of her own shadow. It's starting to look like a mob.


Her shadow's so big it has its own shadow.

Yo momma so poor she runs after a garbage truck with a grocery list.

Right Hand JO Power - Yo momma's so fat she types in all caps


Yo momma's butthole so dark brown, Starbucks named a dark roast after it.

She so fat she's not allowed in the ocean at high tide!

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She got stuck in a hula hoop!

Holy fuck you guys are awesome!!! Ahahahahah



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That's all I got! I stole them from my nine year old lol! Fuuuuck! The things you learn at school!!

She got on a talking scale and it said, "Hey, one at a time!"

Yo momma so fat she stepped on a talking scale and it said "one at a time please."