Yo Uncle Ray

Just to let u know, both adam and i won our fights by submission in QLD this weekend, so should be seeing u soon, can put some long awaited energy into our weapon work!!


Details, details of the fight............

From what I understood of Adam's fight...

He won the fight in about 30 seconds , he took the guy down, pass the guard , mounted and punched a little, Adam's opponent then bridged him off Adam went to guard and submitted him with an arm lock, giddy up!

What about yours???

Exactly how adams fight went, was so happy for him, it was textbook bjj....technically perfect, adam had the triangle armlock on as soon as his back hit the ground.

Mine was very gruelling, went 20 minutes, was frustrating coz we would go through the ropes alot when we hit the ground and have to re-standup, which is tiring. My gas was good though and i dropped quite a bit of weight (6kg's) in a day, for the fight.

I dropped him with an overhand right clean in the first round which rocked him but wasnt fast enough to follow up and he managed to get back to his feet. (i was so suprised i actually paused, then tried to follow up)

It was a kickboxing match for the first 2 rounds which i scored with my hands and he scored with his legs on my legs.

Third round i got dropped with a legkick but shot a double and spent the round in his gaurd hitting him with punches and elbows, was pretty happy with this round.

In the fourth round he kicked me in the face flush when i was on the ground which kinda rocked me, i got one miuunute break as it was illegal. I double legged him, he sprawled, i sat out and got him down to half guard and then got a head arm choke and passed to finish just as the bell went. He went unconcious for a second but tapped as he was going. 3 seconds to go as well!!

Learnt ALOT from this fight, 80% of it was a standup war and it was my first experience in a pro fight exchanging standing. I did really well with my hands hitting him with some jabs and lead hooks and the occasional overhand (including the one that dropped him) but i did eat some very solid legkicks which dropped me at one stage but i managed to recover in time for the double. It was also my first fight with elbows which was interesting. So i know what to work on.

It left the impression on me that forward pressure with solid hands is something i really need to work harder on for nhb and is very much underated. Also ringmanship regarding going through the ropes.

I'm proud of you guys.........very well done!!!


Great work both of you, congratulations

Congrats bro!!! Job well done.

I'll be fighting my first NHB fight on Dec.13 here in the Philippines. Boy am I nervous.


who r u fighting?


Congratulations Lemon . Nice one

Thanx alot guys

Will know by this week if I will be fighting a foreigner. Korean guy named Sang Woong. A BJJ Blue Belt and TKD Blackbelt from the Korean Marines.

Make sure to ask David or Henry from the JKD forum info bout them

any news about who wattaguy is going to be fighting? Or did it appear on another thread and I just missed it?

Nice let us know Toby

That Sang Woong guy didn't push through. I'll be fighting a local (Filipino) fighter instead. He's a wrestling champ and Muay Thai competitor. Cross trained on the ground too.

This is gonna be good. =)