Yoda to fight Sidious???

so im a regular star wars freak like most peopl who matter in life. a year ago i start to go to this website supershadow.com.

anyone familiar with it. its awesome. the owner of the website is lucas main adviser on the prequel films. he keeps more updates and pictures an blah blah blah than anyother leading site on the net. anyways. he is known as the guru on star wars information an infact he helps lucas think up of things. the whole midichlorian thing was his idea.

for a while now he has been on top of things about how and what general greivous looks like an blah blah blah. for while now hes been saying that Yoda will have a big showdown with the emperor or darth sidious as we all know him. Yoda will lose the confrontation after a bloody and violent battle where both men walk away with wounds. Remember all the wounds sidious had in the classic trilogy. the battle with yoda was the cause for all his disfigures on his face and such.

he has been updating all of s for a long time. but yet....starwars.com and theforce.net... the leading informative sites on the net say nothing about the showdown betweeen the two. HAs anyone heard anything like i have about the yoda vs. sidious showdown? i mean the guy is lucas right hand man.

to me.. .. this showdown is the most significant showdown in the history of star wars. yoda is what all jedi inspire to be and he is the most powerful jedi ever save luke skywalker. and sidious is the most powerful sith lord ever even over darth vader because he has the kyber krystal to enhance his abilities. form what lucas has said in interviews... he feels the same way... that its the most important battle of all time in the star wars universe

you all right dude?

i cant believe ther4e are no hardcore star wars fans here?!

no one cares about YODA?!


Bet yoda had a mean jab in his day

Kinda reminds me of micky from rocky

I heard this is on the undercard of the Trinidad fight.

You're on the worng forum buddy.

This sounds like an MMA match to me.

Go to the UG.

star wars fans need apply...not people who are not