Yodsanklai Fairtex to do 6 months of sprawls...


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This is what his first MMA fight will look like:


Justinmacd - He'll get dominated.

Any decent fighter via 1st round sub.

It's somewhat likely. But, Yod blows Malaipet out of the water in terms of Muay Thai, and Malaipet has done pretty well so far in MMA.

Yod had over 200 fights by the time he was 20. Any MMA fighter who is forced to take a few of his blows will get desperate for a takedown. Yod is a master of fakes, setups, and has a great clinch as well.

Yod is huge for a thai but is mainly a kicker/puncher. Buakaw would have more success as his game was clinch. There is a video of him fighting a San Da guy and throwing him around.

Yoddy with a decent sprawl and ground game would fucking own.

Yod can clinch as well. He's knocked many out with elbows from the clinch.

who is teaching them?

All the thais can clinch dude. But Yod was known as a puncher/kicker during his Lumpini years and he still uses the same style after changing stance to southpaw. Buakaw was an elbow specialist and mainly known for his strong clinch game in thailand


This is Buakaws fight against the chinese San Da fighter. His balance and overall grappling is sweet. Imagine if he trained with some tough wrestlers

Fairtex Professional Muay Thai fighter learn ground fighting
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Yodsanklei in MMA with good sprawl technique is a scary thought....I guess we would all abandonn our new Karate training for some Muy Thai.

ps : he looks good in the video

Didn't Yod just pop for HGH in France?

Did he? Bummer to hear that, but i'm still a fan.

CRE - The Thais knows about MMA, one of my favorite parts drilling with them and hitting pads/mits was that he would randomly be like "M EM MAY" AND PUT THE MIT LOWER AND LOWER AND LOWER WITH EACH PUNCH LOL like I was landing strikes to a downed opponent shit was fun

Most Thais don't know what MMA is and have never even heard of the biggest org. around, the UFC. If you visit camps that cater to foreigners, especially around Phuket, then they might be a little more familiar. But the majority are clueless about MMA.

Buakaw is fighting in Jamaica on a full Thai rules card. This will be the first time he will be fighting with elbows in quite some time. It will be interesting to see how he will fair although he has beaten JWP already.

Fairtex used to have a BJJ instructor, not sure if he's back; I think he's name is Johnny Garcia?

And BJJ and MMA is growing a lot all over thailand


Aaawww..This video just kills me.

The Thai teaching the sprawls, and armbars...use to work at Tiger Muay Thai. "Kru Oh". I don't really think he is qualified enough to be teaching others...but hey to each their own.

I have a 2006 Rajadamnern, WMC champion Bernueng Sakhomsin who would fight Yodsenklai in MMA. He's already 2-0-1 as a pro. 1 draw coming in China's Art Of War promotion.

...I also have another Thai Ngoo who would fight Oh...the "Thai" MMA Instructor in that video.