Yoel calls Bisping on his own show



THis is fantastic 


Ok, I just listened to it and it wasnt so fantastic. 

I hope The Count destroys that steroid Cheat.

He's not a steroid cheater. He has a great secret strength and conditioning trainer. He wouldn't train Yoel at first. Yoel had to keep chasing him around. And then someone told him who Yoel's dad was and the coach decided to train him. Yoel knew that he was magical and that he had to pack him away in a box and never let him get away. 

Yoel says that this man is the reason that he looks in such great shape.  Without him his body is like that of Bob Crane, TV's Colonel Hogan.  

Yoel seems to be a funny guy

"Go and wipe your ass!!"

"Spell 'steroid' for us!"


Quality comments from the Champ. 

Yoel should start taking Mike seriously, look at what happened to the last guy that doubted him.