Yoel Fails Pre Fight Medical , Out Of Rumble Rumble

Coker should cut Mousasi an extra check for him to move up and fight Rumble short notice just to keep the tournament awesome.

Book Moose Rumble for mid June. Tournament stays awesome.


End of July/early August and Yoel will be able to take another medical. I’m fine waiting for it for that length of time…providing he passes the next one. Such a good fight on paper

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Bellator put out a statement and they said Yoel is out of the tournament and they are finding an alternate for Rumble to fight in the first round of the GP. They said they looked forward to doing the Romero Rumble fight again… later, like after the tourny is over.

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With the GP taking the rest of the year, if Romero gets cleared to fight in three months they could just book him vs Mousasi in a MW title fight for this fall.

With Tokov out with injury for over a year, Yoel or Salter are the only people Moose could defend the MW title vs at the moment.

Man, hoping Coker can get Mousasi or Manhoef to step in. Those are 2 big names and could make for fun fights vs Rumble and in this tourney. Doesnt look like either have any plans or fights coming up, so maybe.

I don’t think he’s juicing either. They tested the shit out of him, and he is one of the few absolutely legit situations where he was fucked by contaminated supplements and won a huge lawsuit because of it.

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I dunno, I had a bad feeling that fight was gonna be a big letdown. Think back to Rumble’s last fight. Think back to Yoel’s last fight. Both huge disappointments. As good as it looked on paper, we might have gotten another Lewis-Ngannou 1, or another Daley-MVP.

I was more or less expecting something like this but was still very excited to see Yoel/Rumble.

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If they’re moving on in the tournament Yoel vs Moose is a great consolation fight. Would definitely tune in to see

True but I don’t think we see Yoel in Bellator ever at this point

Yep, Rumble has an opponent, 7-2 Augusto Barros, fight is this Friday.

Barros just made his Bellator debut on April 2nd and got a W.

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Helwani said on his podcast that it’s an eye issue with Yoel

Eye see

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