in that other thread concerning the Portly Capitalist Charlataness I saw mentioned that Yoga is not so ancient as we imagine and so I would like to discuss this subject in its own thread on the matter.

Here I will posit two sources(as I almost ALWAYS use FACTS and DATA and not emotion) to support the information in my threads.

in the book: “The Way of a Pilgrim and the Pilgrim Continues His Way” an 1800s Russian Orthodox Monk humorously complains about the Yogis of India “blowing themselves up” in reference to their practices and lack of understanding of prayer which was introduced to them through the Eastern Orthodox tradition(if my reading memory serves me correct),

and in another book: “Henry David Thoreau: Letters to a Spiritual Seeker” HDT shows some admiration and interest in the Yogis/Yoga practice of India

A Russian monk??

You DO know RUSSIA is a HOAX right??


^would you please use SUPPORTING FACTS and DATA just as I ALWAYS Do to validate my threads!

I often wonder why I even bother to try and EDUCATE you deplorable curs!

You can save yourself and all of us some time.

Am I supposed to be for or against yoga being ancient?

Yoga was originally created for male libido, not modern women’s fake spirituality crap

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Good Query Big_Cheddar and I’m not certain of it myself and so it is the cause of this thread to get to the truth of this matter!

All I l know is that yoga, as opposed to weight lifting, will give a man a sleek lemur like physique women love. Think Russell Brand.

Yoga is a western invention. A gay Nazi by the name of Nils Bukh probably contributed the most. The west is so cucked he thinks everything out of Asia must be better, older and more enlightened. Asians simply nod and have no problem retconning their often non-existant history.
The evidence is quite clear: There’s many descriptions and surviving traditions about all sorts of Indian culture. Swordsmanship, cooking, love-making and so on, but no Yoga. We have photographic evidence about the gymnastic positions that were popularised by western therapists and how they evolved.

a sterling observation Big_Cheddar!