yoga/ pilates

so i'm thinking of adding in some yoga or pilates to my training. for core and flexibility. And to better my horrific posture.
what do some of you do, and prefer?

Also, what about warrior yoga? what is it all about?

Both are good.
Warrior Yoga was developed by sensei Jeremy Corbell of Quantum Jiu JItsu
I think. Pretty good addition to training.

I don't like either. If you want some structural or functional movement
work, try a Tai Chi class that does lots of push hands or sparring. The
benefits are the same and you will be working with a partner, learning to
work with another person's energy. That way your new skills will be more

what kind of equip.?

Hot yoga..or bikram yoga. it's good


pilates should be called painlates-- its no joke

I like pilates because you're moving more constantly than with yoga where you hold poses for longer.  But if you chose yoga... definately do a hot yoga like bikram's for sure.

It's a great assest to the training formula.... so go for it.


PS -- got your message today... and NO PROBLEM!  You're my boy blue!