Yoga ???????????

Do you think yoga is good for mma? WTF do you people think?

Yoga is good for everything, helps develop flexibility, balance, coordination, etc.

its best for hot girls.

personally, i'd rather do my own stretching routine. i find that it is more efficient for me that way. the problem with yoga is that half of the poses i feel are bad for me (hyperflexion of low back, standing on neck ,etc.) so i'm wasting a lot of time during classes.

Yoga is as much about building strength and gaining better control
Of your body as it is stretching. Yoga is a fantastic tool for cross training in any sport. One mans opinion Phone Post

Yoga is good training overall. Make sure you are training the breath with the positions.
If you can't breath with poses in a yoga class, how are you training your breath when your rolling/sparring and under pressure... Its not an accident that part of the tradional Indian wrestling includes yoga based exercises as per below,

It is true the exercises used in traditional Indian wrestling are yoga based.

yoga has helped me in my breathing when i roll

I am about to start doing yoga 1-2x per week.  It is good for 3 things I need badly... flexibility, breathing and recovery.  Of course the scenery never hurts either! 

I have been doing yoga for about 3 weeks now and my lower back has never felt better.

It's a great balance of fitness training and flexibility.

Positive effects on your stabilizer muscles, balance, coordination, and strength. I had never done any yoga before December, but I've been doing it almost religiously for the past 5 months and I dig it. It's just part of the program and I'll never be a master, but I'll be better because of it.

yoga is the devil. Do it right and you will hurt until you get used to it.

scott riggs - Yoga is as much about building strength and gaining better controlOf your body as it is stretching.

Yep. I took it up for the flexibility aspects but it was a surprising benefit to feel stronger overall too. I love yoga.

 I have been doing yoga for about a year now and I love it. I like the power yoga type workouts. I just feel all around more flexible and just ....well better.

For those of you doing yoga, how did you get started with it? DVDs, youtube videos, classes, etc?

Go to someplace they do yoga..??? Sarcasm implied...

Go to a couple of yoga classes to make sure you are understanding how to do things properly i.e. proper form, breathing, etc.. Its easy to think you are doing something proplerly, but aren't

After you feel comfortable doing the different postures you can help yourself to anything that is out there to create a personal workout.
Check out your local library, many will have books on yoga and dvd's. This will allow you to see different methods and save money.

The library is your friend.