I train in Judo and BJJ, I also do Ashtanga and power Yoga to help stay flexible and in shape, i started it years ago when i heard Rickson Gracie was into Yoga, anybody else hear supplemt their training with Yoga?

Nowaydo is our resident Yoga expert.

I love ashtanga/power new to it, but find it more challenging than any of the other types of workouts I have done over the years.

Been doing basic Ashtanga Yoga for years. Helped me a lot with a lot of things.

I do it mainly because I want to develop the flexibility to lick my own balls. It also chills me out for the day.

Yoga and BJJ are inseparable for me. They're the same, as far as I'm concerned. Really elevates your game.

how many days aweek do you guys do yoga bjj judo

I used to do bjj 2-3 times a week, then yoga twice a week.

Now I'm on a mass phase so I'm doing light bjj, lots of weight and food, no yoga.

Ive just started (a month ago) doing power Yoga.

Mainly for injuries that Im tired of seeing the phsiothearpist for. Its quite addictive, as in that I feel great after and can feel myself tightening up as the next session draw2s closer and have to go.

I can see why they make money, its like excercise crack :-)