How got is it?

I recently tried some Ashtanga Yoga and loved it.

If I could do it everyday I would, it was extremely physcial, a wicked stretch and very relaxing.

I highly recommend Yoga for athletes.


OF course Deane, remember we're aliens from another planet.



All together, now:"AUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!"For those who are into Resistance Training:"OHMMMMMMMMMM!!!":-)RS

Check out

Sensei Jermey Corbell teaches Warrior Yoga as well as other Arts. Great warmup before you start training.

Check out his site. Sensei Corbell is one the Best Martial Artist I have ever met.

Todd Norwood

which type of yoga does rickson do?

i am interested in that breathing thing that rickson does? where can i find some stuff on that. does the amerross tape teach things similar to that?

I've heard from some of the guys I've worked with that the ROSS breathing is very effective, I havent had a chance to look into it, but I'll drag Scott over here for a moment if he's available [or pop over there] to see if he has insight into this.


Ohm mane padme ohm.


Yes, Rickson's yoga is very "astanga-like". And the breathing is definitely the breath of fire from Kundalini.

I am not sure but I believe Rickson practices Ginastica Natural.