Yogscast livestream

Yogscast started their charity Christmas livestream this month already. From Started on the 1st and ended it on the 31st. Usually from 12pm est to 6-8ish


and their humblebundle page https://www.humblebundle.com/yogscast

If you never watched it, basically they have a schedule of different people from the yogs streaming different games during the day. You can donate if you want. They are adding games all through the month. So if you donate today, you can still get games added later on in the month.

Figured id post this here cause some of the streams can be pretty funny. Hat Films is scheduled today at 1pm. These guys were fucking funny as shit on last years stream.

Apparently someone is getting shaved or waxed on cam soon if they hit 270k

Up to $700k.

So if you are in a donating mood this month or just want to watch a stream, hit them up.