Yogurt = diarhea?

I've been chugging like three cups of yogurt a day to stave off Mr. Ringworm. The days I do that happen to coincide with my ass turning into a seltzer bottle spraying assjuice every hr. on the hr. When I dont eat yogurt, I'm fine, but when I roll in Jitsu with Whitey, I know I'll get ringworm again. Personally, I think this is all a conspiracy to keep the Black Man from getting good at Jiu Jitsu, and learning sick gogoplatas! Coincedence? Anybody else share the same experience? Any insight would be appreciated. I'm running out of baby wipes, and ringworm is starting to look real good...

Sounds like you may be lactose intolerant.

LOL just stop eating yogurt and start showering right after your roll on a clean mat.

Or maybe it's when you're eating yogurt. During cross country and marathon seasons I couldn't eat dairy 3-4 hours before I ran because it'd fly right through me.

i hate getting the shitz

I'm not lactose intolerant. I eat mad icecream, and I'm fine. I tend to eat yogurt for breakfast, before excersise, which can ruin my day later...

question, do negroes poo white?

Could it be the bacteria doing a number on my system, or is yogurt lethal to the Black Man?

"do negros poo white"
Only after eating the White Woman. (Yes the Black Man does go down contrary to popular belief.)

Seriously guys, I need help.

It could also be the live bacteria in the yogurts causing a bad reaction. But I'd still say your lactose intolerant. Try chugging a few cups of milk in the morning without eating anything else, and you'll see if u r or not.

NO - you just got some bad yogurt. I eat it all the time and have no issue with it. I don't think yogurt is racially biased either.

I have no problems with yogurt, but I've been eating a ton of fruit the last couple of days and the exact same thing happened last nite. Kind of scared to eat an orange today.

So maybe it has something to do with the fruit content in the yogurt, but I would think it's the live bacteria. Then again, that's what's supposed to be good about yogurt. Ok, good talk.

Take Acidophilus pills. You can get them at Trader Joe's.

Why does ringworm take so long to get rid of?

Acidophilus tastes like minced dog assholes which is why I opted for yogurt. I'll experiment and see if I have the same reaction. If I'm cool with the pills, maybee it is the lactose. I still tink It could be the bacteria, cuz when I take penecilin, or doxcycline, I get the same reaction. Either that or yogurt is the weapon Whitey desinged to keep the Black Man a white belt!

you cant taste it in the disolvable cap form.

a) Ringworm is a very common problem with grapplers
b) Yogurt is widely taken to stave off ringworm
c) If there is a link between yogurt and diarhea, it would be of interest to all who eats it for the afore mentioned reasons, and this thread is of good service.
d) I'm a pornstar, of course I'm a 'motherfucker"

It's a very serious inquiry. I'm just adding levity to it. Relax your sphinter legsbig. Er...nevermind.

"For example, one person may have symptoms after drinking a small glass of milk, while another can drink one glass but not two. Others may be able to manage ice cream and aged cheeses, such as cheddar and Swiss, but not other dairy products. Dietary control of lactose intolerance depends on people learning through trial and error how much lactose they can handle."


As someone that is familiar with Lactose Intolerance, and Milk Allergies, I can say that the yogurt will have no affect on him if he's Lactose Intolerant.  Recent scientific studies show that the bacteria in Yogurt make it easier on the system to those with Lactose Intolerance.  After reading about this, I was able to get Dairy back into my system by eating Yogurt.


Then again these studies were probably done by the 'White Man'.