York Pa...boxing?judo?Bjj? Help

looking for a good instructor/school in York, Pa. For a 13 year old looking for a good intro into grappling/boxing etc.. . Not totally opposed to TMA's so any help would be appreciated. Thanks




I work and study in York, PA. Your best option, especially at your age, is to join the wrestling team at your school. Wrestling is a great introduction to grappling and it is free to participate in. You will develop alot of toughness and grit and will get used to pushing yourself farther that you've pushed yourself before. Every high school in York County has a wrestling team, some are better than others, but joining any of them will get you started on the right path when it comes to grappling and if you wrestling all throughout junior high school and high school, even if only during the competition season (usually November till the end of January) and even become half decent (i.e. capable of winning at least half your matches by your senior year) you will almost always, provided that you continue to practice with intensity, be better than your counterparts in any other grappling sport at no-gi takedowns and will have a very good base for transitioning into any other grappling art. You'll also be harder to sweeps than most people (after a little fine tuning).

With regards to boxing gyms, there is a small boxing gym somewhere here in York and it is geared more towards people of your age bracket, though I don't remember the name but I think it is located on Queen street a few blocks south of where it intersects with George St. If worse comes to worse and you can't find it, you can do a search for the local "Police Athletic Leage" here in York and they'll hook you up to the gym (there is only one in the city of York). There is also a club in Hanover called "Hanover Boxing Club". It is located on 28 S. Baltimore Street and their phone number is 717-630-2280.

If you don't mind venturing a little outside of york, there is also one in Columbia called "Blaze Boxing Club". It's address is 452 Locust St, Columbia, PA. Phone numbers are 717-684-0662 and 717-684-4517.

My best recommendation though for working on your standup game would be to go Lancaster (if possible) and train at "Nyes Karate Kickboxing
& Boxing" in Lancaster. The man has trained in all three of those arts, he is VERY good as a kickboxing instructor and as a boxing coach, in addition to training a number of male amateur boxers, he has even trained a female boxer to a world championship. He has spent more than two decades working specifically with younger athletes in his kickboxing and karate classes and knows how to tailor his training methods to meet their needs and goals. I would highly recommend going to this man for training in stand-up striking. The gym's address is 1285 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA. Phone number is 717-299-9650.

Hope this helped.


I saw you threw Judo into the title of your post
there. If you live or work around the York-Harrisburg-
Lancaster are of PA, you can do no better than the
Harrisburg YMCA in price to quality ratio.

The YMCA is located on the corner of North and North
Front Streets in Harrisburg. The class is taught by
multiple-time national medalist Charles Cavrich, and
on any given Saturday the mats are littered with
junior national medalists and quality senior black

A few years ago they had some of the best junior Judo
players in the country.

The East Shore YMCA is probably the best place for any
thirteen year old in the area that wants to learn how
to throw and grapple. The environment is great for
kids / teens, and if your kid sticks with it he'll be
able to kick ass in no time.

So this weekend, take your kid to 701 North Front
Street in Harrisburg. Seriously, the Harrisburg
Judo Kai is probably the best kept grappling secret
in central PA. You're going to be hard-pressed to
find no-gi grappling in the area, but a lot of good
grapplers started out in the gi anyway, right?

FightStudent sounds like he knows his shit regarding
striking / boxing / kickboxing.

But take a look at the East Shore YMCA. The class is
free for Y members, and I think less than twenty bucks
a week for non-members. The instructor isn't out to
drain your bank account. He's old and tough and a
great motivator and teaches at the Harrisburg Y every
weekend because he loves Judo.

Nothing more really, nothing less.

very cool guys. thank you. This is actually for my fiancees son. The school wrestling is on the list but he has an eye for boxing as well. He actually lives near the I may go out next week and go with him to look at some of the suggestions. Thanks again. LS

I teach no-gi grappling in York Pa. Plus i know some other places in the area you can look at also. I'm training for an mma fight right now so my teaching is on hold but i can point you in the right direction if you'd like. Shoot me an e-mail to dead_warrior2000@yahoo.com

Later, Brad Souders


where in York, PA are you located? I would be interested in rolling at your place. Would emailing you be the best to get further info or could you post some of that here?

The Harrisburg YMCA near the river is probably the best place for a kid.

For other BJJ & MMA, check out MMA Schools in PA.

Yeah just shoot me an e-mail. I train at Crumm's Strength and Fitness out by the East York Wal-Mart.

OH my F'n God! Someone actually wants to train in York Brad.

We have a decent group of about 8 guys at Crumm's strength and fiteness 2290 Industrial Highway, York, PA. You can even call me if you like and I'll let you know when we are there 495-3334. We have a few bjj and judo guys there. You should come and check it out. The number at the gym is 751-6055

Joe - How are ya?

artvanderlei - call me if you can 495-3334

FightStudent - call me also at the 495-3334 number

LoudenSwain - call me at " " "

TTT for more in Pa


"...I think less than twenty bucks a week for non

Shit, I meant less than twenty bucks a MONTH.

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Good, Nick. You start school yet?